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Welcome to your journey to a new and improved you! Your emotional health, mental health, relationships, marriage and family, and spiritual health are important to us. Okanagan Christian Counselling has a trained, educated, professional team of Clinical Christian Counsellors, healing prayer counsellors, mentors and life coaches.


We use a threefold counselling approach with clients, addressing the emotional, the psychological/physical, and the spiritual, with a focus on recovery and healing.  Each of these hold great importance in people's lives, and are closely intertwined within dysfunctions, addictions, mental health disorders, relationship problems, and identity/emotional issues.


We believe in emotional integrity, facing truths, strong accountability, and seeing real change in people's lives


We are members in good standing of Canadian Christian Counsellors, and our parent organization is BC Christian Health which offers consulting, teaching/training, corporate Christian EAP programs, and other services, assessing and working with physical health, emotional health, and spiritual health development. We also have a school with mini courses as well as 1 year and 2 year certificate programs called Christian Counselling Academy.


We counsel in a wide variety of areas, including: 


Marriage counselling

Individual counselling
 Parenting & Family counselling

Youth and Children


Parallel and Co-Parenting Plans


Mental Health

(Personality Disorders, Mood Disorders, and Trauma)


Emotional Trauma/Disorders

Anxiety / Panic & Depression

Suicidal Thoughts, Attempts & Recovery
 Dissociative Disorders
 Trauma & Grief Recovery

Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD)

Complex Traumatic Stress (CTSD)

 Sexual Trauma, Health and Addiction
 Pornography Addiction and Sexual Anorexia
 Eating Disorders
  Identity & Self-Worth
 Freedom from New Age & Occult
 Home Spiritual Cleansing and Blessing

Inner Healing / Healing Prayer

 Generational Cleansing
 Pre-Natal & Pregnancy Prayer/
 Spiritual Cleansing and Blessing


Financial Recovery Counselling


Intentional Freedom Courses

DivorceCare 4 Kids

Love After Marriage (a Bethel Church teaching)

Becoming Emotionally Healthy

Becoming Brain Healthy

Disease Care



Counselling is available for individuals, couples, families, staff groups (workplace), and workshop settings, as well as a monthly counsel/support/accountability plan that offers a one-time monthly payment and gives you unlimited counsel throughout the month. 

(Click here for more information on the monthly counsel plan)



Okanagan Christian Counselling, Kelowna BC family, marriage, individual and youth/children counselling
Deana Van Fleet is owner of Okanagan Christian Counselling, is a Clinical Christian Counsellor and an Emotional Development Coach, an Addictions Interventionist and Recovery Counsellor, a Child & Family Advocate, a Behavioural Counsellor, a member in good standing of Canadian Christian Counsellors,and Association for Biblical Counselors, and is certified as a Marketplace Minister.

She is also an instructor and curriculum developer with Christian Counselling Academy, offering certificate programs and internships in Christian Counselling and Christian Healthcare.

She offers day, evening and weekend appointments, as well as telephone, email and Skype appointments, she is mobile and travels for appointments, and can be reached by email at info@okanaganchristiancounselling.com or by telephone/text at 250-718-8856. 

* Use of our service, requiring communication, reports and counsel, constitutes agreement to fulfill payment agreements (made verbally, by text, by email, or by messaging). Full payment disclaimer can be seen here.


* Cancellation Policy: We require 24 hours cancellation of appointments; otherwise you will be charged $80 plus gst as a cancellation fee which be required to be paid before a next appointment can be booked.


Okanagan Christian Counselling adheres to both Canadian and American safe, fair and confidential "Professional Christian Counselling Practices" and provides clients with emotional, spiritual and psychological safety and confidentiality. 


We believe in God as Father, Christ as the resurrected and risen King, and Holy Spirit as the spirit of God living within us.  Our counselling reflects this, and we believe and teach that the Lord wants to heal each of us at the very root of our hurts, pains and traumas in order to overcome negative and hurtful behaviors, relationships, addictions, etc. and bear GOOD FRUIT for the Glory of God. 


All Glory to God for all that He does in each of our lives. 


For information on and registration for our Continuing Education and Training for Professionals, click here!



Are you interested in becoming a Christian Counsellor, battling/overcoming mental health, emotional and relational problems in people's lives through biblical, prayerful, revelational, practical and professional ways?  Christian Counselling Academy registrations are now available.  To apply, or for more information, click here.















Everybody is in need sometimes.  Needing some support and counsel is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength for yourself, your family, for your marriage, for your children.  A peaceful home is worth it.  Let us help.  We are available.  Okanagan Christian Counselling.

* Use of our service, requiring communication, reports and counsel, constitutes agreement to fulfill payment agreements (made verbally, by text, by email, or by messaging).

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Our sister companies: Okanagan RecoveryBC Christian HealthOkanagan Parenting CounsellingChristian Counselling Academy