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Okanagan Christian Counselling offers a variety of workshops, classes and groups (detailed below).  We also offer certificate programs and internships in Christian Counselling and Christian Healthcare through our Christian Counselling Academy (www.christiancounsellingacademy.com)
Support Groups

Boundaries and Safe People
A shortened, 4 week teaching group Tuesdays, August 6, 13, 20, 27 at our office in Kelowna
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Register by phone/text at 250-718-8856 or here by email

Healing from Narcissistic Abuse
Beginning in August at our office in Kelowna
Ask any questions, register by phone/text at 250-718-8856 or here by email

Living with Mental Illness
Beginning in August at our office in Kelowna
Ask any questions, register by phone/text at 250-718-8856 or here by email

Anxiety, Panic, Depression
Beginning in August at our office in Kelowna
Ask any questions, register by phone/text at 250-718-8856 or here by email

How to facilitate a support group
A support group teaching how to facilitate a support group and be a leader who inspires change
Cost: $50 per person
Beginning in August at our office in Kelowna
Ask any questions, register by phone/text at 250-718-8856 or here by email

Intentional Freedom

Intentional Freedom takes you through your mental, emotional, physical, physiological and spiritual health top to bottom, side to side, inside out. It looks, in detail, at your generational health, your time in the womb and birth, your childhood and family structure, and your life experiences that have brought you to where you are today.  Intentional Freedom teaches, it breaks/delivers/cuts off what you shouldn't be carrying through your life with you, and it sets you on a VICTORY PATH so that you can walk out your life, your relationships and your physical/mental/emotional health in wholeness and freedom.

"It's time to stop merely RESISTING the enemy -- it is time to DEFEAT him."

Intentional Freedom is a one-to-one program (either in person, by telephone, by email or by Skype) of 25 hours of teaching and 25 hours of personal work/homework in total, including a full comprehensive and professional intake and assessment, for a cost of $2000 plus gst.


** We also offer a variety of mini freedom courses and sessions at a lower cost, so don't let finances determine whether you get free this year or not. Ask us about our mini freedom courses if the cost for the full course is too high for you, and we will find one that suits your budget.

If you want this year, this season to be different than the last many years (or your entire life up to now), this program will be the greatest investment in your life (and future) that you can choose.  Life doesn't just "happen" to you; you have choices, decisions you can make so that you can heal, so that you can change mindsets and strongholds that keep you chained to unhealthy patterns, sicknesses, addictions, hopelessness...

It is time to take your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health OUT OF THE HANDS OF THE ENEMY, and start living out the freedom and health you were created to have.  Right now!  Register today and get started.  You will be blessed to see what God can do if only you are willing to let Him.

Your program can start when you are ready, and appointments are available in person, by telephone, by email, and by Skype.  Hours are flexible, with days, evenings and weekends available.  We recognize that not everybody is mobile (or local) in order to make in-person appointments; so please don't let your own mobility or location limit your getting the counsel and support you need. 


Navigating Infidelity / After The Affair

The trauma caused by infidelity de-rails a marriage relationship, and it also deeply wounds those involved. Infidelity injects pain, rejection, shame, doubt and many layers of dysfunction and emotional wounding that can be very difficult to find your way through.

What decisions need to be made?

What are my options? 

What do I do with all these emotions?

Am I to blame, because I keep hearing it's my fault.

How can we heal?

I need help figuring out what I feel about everything that is going on!

I need help. I really need help.

We can arrange for an intensive 2, 3, 4 day or week or month plan to work you through it all, figure out where you stand and what needs to change, and support you in effecting that change and walking out of this time as an overcomer, with new tools, a better understanding of who you are, and wholeness. We can help.

Email us at info@okanaganchristiancounselling.com or by telephone/text at 250-718-8856.


Why Wait?

A faith-based teaching on sex, relationship and marriage -- and WHY WAIT FOR IT?

What is sex (from a biblical perspective) and WHY WAIT until marriage?

What is the good and bad of teen (and young adult) dating?

What is God's plan for marriage?

Pre-teens,  youth, young adults (and PARENTS) need to know WHY it is in their best interest to wait until marriage to have sex.  They need to know what God created sex to be, and the promises that God has made for those who save themselves for marriage.  If parents do not know how to teach this to their children, or how to plan that God-desire for purity into their hearts so that they can make wise choices, themselves, this course is a necessity!

This course is also for people who wish to learn the truth of this subject and want to re-dedicate their bodies and mind to a righteous place, and for the Lord to restore things that have been given up or taken away.

Dates: Saturdays (the workshop is 3-6 hours in length, depending on age of group, on a Saturday):

Pre-Teen (ages 9-12) and Teen (ages 13-17) teaching with or without parents 

Parental (or caregiver, youth leader, teacher, youth counsellor) teaching (teaches parents/adults how to lead children to see themselves as God sees them, to stay sexually pure, and to understand the biblical, Godly perspective of sex, relationship, and marriage) 

Young Adult teaching 

Workshop for the sexually abused, sexually exploited and/or those who want to change and heal their sexual health and to "start again", sexually pure and 'in white standing' before God.

Costs: from $30 to $60, with extra resources available 
Register online by clicking here, by email at info@okanaganchristiancounselling.com 
or by telephone at 250-718-8856


Adults (A Loving Heart Restored)

Learning to love -- again, or for the first time. Our hearts are created to love; however, our hurtful experiences in life give us reason to erect walls in our heart that "keep us safe" (which is wrong thinking).

This teaching examines our heart and takes a 'love inventory' o that we can e very honest with ourselves and do the needed repair work so that we can be free to love God, love others, and love ourselves. If your heart is not fully free to love and to receive love unhindered, this teaching is a must!

Register for the teaching or order just the manual and heart recovery manual.

Questions and Registration:  Email us here

(Adults) Lost Identity

Have  you ever looked in the mirror and wondered who you are, or how you've gotten where you are today? Have you given, given, given of yourself for so long that you feel like you no longer even know who you are? Have you ever looked back over your life and felt like you've lived somebody else's life, instead of your own?

This teaching will you to find YOU! Through a series of stp by step teachings, and a detailed identity self-valuation (before and after) you will not just identity and begin to reconize who the 'real you' is, but you will understand yourself and be able to live a life that honors who you are too.

Don't go another day without knowing who you are.

Teaching: $250 per person, includes manual and custom identity plan

Questions and Registration: Email us here

Freedom From Anxiety (Panic), Fear, Shame and Anger

If you feel that any or all of these control your life (or are affecting your day to day living), this teaching will change your life.

Anxiety, fear, shame and anger can all control a person's mind, thoughts, words, actions, behaviors, and even bliefs. If left to their own devices, they can take over your life and can ruin your ability to live in peace, rest,  joy and harmony with others. They can ruin  marriages, ruin friendships, and push people away from us, which can lead to loneliness, depression and despair. It's time to stop these feelings NOW.

This teaching takes an in-depth look at all four of these feelings -- anxiety, fear, shame and anger, and examines not just how they work together to ruin your life, but also the roots of where they came from (so that you can be free from them).

$250 per person, includes manual and custom freedom plan

Questions and Rgistrations: Email us here

(Adults) Escape and Overcome The Occult (Forever Searching for Answers)

Find freedom from the ensnaring hold of the ‘forever searching’ for answers, healing, wholeness, new levels of enlightenment, etc. and finally STOP THE INSANITY so that you can live your life in peace, health, joy and love!

The nature of the occult is deception -- it sounds as though if you continue to search for the elusive answers for your ever-growing list of health, emotional and psychological 'symptoms', you will find light and 'one with the universe' and 'total fulfillment'... but this is not truth. The more you search, the more symptoms arise and the deeper into deception you fall.  At some point you realize you have dug a hole for yourself that is almost impossible for you to get out of.

This workshop will lead you out of that black hole, will heal you from the damage done from the 'forever searching for answers', and will restore your body, mind and spirit back to its whole and natural state.  It's time to declare: NO MORE SEARCHING!

$250 per person, includes manual and custom freedom plan

Questions and Registration: Email us here

(Parents, Caregivers) 
Step by Step to an Emotionally Healthy Child/Teen/Youth

Many people don't realize that behavioral, personality and emotional problems within children, teens and youth often started as a trauma that the parent may or may not even be aware of.  Sometimes it starts as early as when babies are in the womb -- unbelievable but true.

Only looking at the symptoms of your child or teen's behavior is like covering an infected and bleeding wound with a band-aid.  It is not enough, it doesn't deal with the actual cause of the behavior at all, and it neglects bringing true and total healing to the child or teen so that they naturally carry out better behavior, make better choices, enjoy stronger and safer relationships, and avoid things in their lives that cause them harm.

'Step by Step to an Emotionally Healthy Child/Teen/Youth' is a step-by-step parenting course/workshop that re-programs parents from the place they are at with their child (which, for whatever reason, is not working as well as they wish it was) backwards to a foundational place of 'starting over' and 'doing it right' the second time. It can be taken one on one or as part of a group of parents.

How does that work?  God is a God of redemption -- and it is through Him that we are all healed, forgiven and given another chance NOW, but in that, He also redeems us and our relationships back to the start and creates new foundations, new ways of parenting, new ways of communicating, and safer, healthier parent-child interactions.

Questions regarding cost, locations and times: Email us here or text/call us at 250-718-8856

(Children, Teens, Youth)
Ground Zero Spiritually FREE for children and youth

Workshops or one-to-one counsel for children, teens and youth of all ages, Ground Zero provides quality and safe Christian inner-healing to bring them into personal, emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical freedom to live out better, more fulfilling, more successful, more giving lives with better relationships, better work ethics, better communication skills, more love for others, and grace and mercy to abound!

Questions: Email us here

(Children, Teens, Youth)
Overcoming Depression, Sadness, Apathy, and Anxiety/Panic

A huge percentage of this present generation of children, teens and youth suffer from debilitating symptoms depression, non-specific sadness, apathy, and anxiety/panic.  Sadly, these affect our children's lives to the degree that they can become stunted in their emotional growth, shut down emotionally, oftentimes look to self-harm or addictions to get through their days, and can even lead to suicide attempts.

Parents and caregivers should never ignore these symptoms, and there ARE ANSWERS; children, teens and youth do not have to live with it.

Questions: Email us here

(Teens, Youth, Young Adults) 
Figuring out who I am and why I'm here

Young teens through young adults have the difficult time of trying to figure out who they are, how they are supposed to act, think and believe, and where they fit in the world around them.  This is the first time in their life that they are creating their own IDENTITY.  

Parents and caregivers that feel unqualified in leading their children through the tumultuous teen years can trust in the fact that Okanagan Christian Counselling can help.  We can point your teen, youth or young adult in the right direction, and provide with them some tools in their toolbelt to help them navigate their adult lives ahead successfully.

Questions: Email us here

Everybody is in need sometimes.  Needing some support and counsel is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength for yourself, your family, for your marriage, for your children.  A peaceful home is worth it.  Let us help.  We are available.  Okanagan Christian Counselling.  

For information on and registration for our Continuing Education and Training for Professionals, click here!

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